Hot Cocoa on the Porch: The Glories of Cold Weather

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend.

As a New England resident, I love the changing of seasons. Summer, fall, winter, and spring each have their own beauty and I’m lucky that I get to experience all of it every year!

I’ve already mentioned that fall is my favorite season. However, I have to admit that winter is my least favorite because I’m not a fan of the cold weather. I get cold very easily; plus, the sun doesn’t shine as long during the day!

Now that it’s November and we’re heading towards the winter season, I thought I would put a positive spin on my dislike for cold weather and list some of the good things it brings! 

Christmas time – Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday!  I love the Christmas spirit, the decorations, putting ornaments on your tree, candy canes, Christmas music… Everything! I definitely don’t mind enduring the cold if it means I get to experience Christmas!

The first snow fall of the season – I think this event, whenever it happens, is so exciting. And I’m not talking about a dusting or flakes that instantly melt when they hit the ground. I mean actual snow that sticks to the roads, covers cars, and leaves a few inches on the ground so the world is under a blanket of white. It looks so pretty, too.

Blankets – Cold weather means breaking out those blankets and snuggling up on the couch! We have a bunch of blankets in the apartment, even a heated blanket that was given to us as a gift. Heated or not, blankets are perfect on a cold night or when you’re snowed in there’s no other choice but to have a movie marathon 🙂

Comfy sweaters – Oh man, I love sweaters! Even though you typically have to bundle up in the winter, your bundle can include your favorite comfy sweater. Add a nice scarf, a hat, and some warm boots and you’re ready to brave the cold!

Hot beverages like cocoa and apple cider – Who doesn’t love sipping hot cocoa or hot apple cider from their favorite mug? This is a nice treat to have at the end of a long day while you’re relaxing on the couch. You could even enjoy it outside on your porch or deck wrapped in one of those blankets if you’re up for it!

Sledding and ice skating – I’m not the best at ice skating, but it’s still fun to try! And sledding is always a fun time, especially when you find the perfect hill to ride down! Our apartment complex is on a hill, so I’m hoping we’ll have the chance to do a little sledding this winter!Lovely-53Lovely-164.jpgLovely-88 (1).jpgIs there anything you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

**All photos on this blog post were taken by Courtney Murray, Live Lovely Photography, our wedding photographer. We did a winter engagement photo shoot with her at the beginning of the year!

4 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa on the Porch: The Glories of Cold Weather

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  1. What a great list! I love when it snows. What I love the most about winter is the silence that snowfall brings. I love standing outside in the snow and listening to the peace and quiet. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your cocoa!

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  2. Marycatherine, I absolutely love this list (and the photos!). Comfy sweaters are my favorite this time of year as well. This post reminded me of the simple mornings I would spend at home as a teenager. I grew up on a lake and in the winter it would be nearly abandoned. I would stand out by the frozen water and take in the quiet with a cup of hot coa coa.

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