What Makes a Christmas Tree Unique?

Happy Friday, everyone!

One of my favorite Christmas activities is decorating your tree. It’s so fun bringing out the ornaments, lights, tinsel… Or whatever you please! Your tree can have a theme, or you can create your own masterpiece with different colors and shapes.

I believe that the ornaments hanging on the branches of a Christmas tree are what makes it unique. There are so many different ornaments out there, and they can have special meanings behind them, too. Your neighbor might have ornaments of a cat, ballerina slippers, a vintage car, a chef’s hat, and a wine glass on their tree, but do you know why?

I thought it would be fun to share some of my Christmas ornaments and the meaning behind each of them!

Pink NYC t-shirtnycornament.jpgI love the city and I used to go in 1-2 times a year. I’ve gone in to see Broadway shows, around Christmastime, or just because. It’s been awhile since I’ve been so I’m hoping to go soon!

Butterflybutterflyornament.jpgI had a cousin who passed away who was also an organ donor. The butterfly is a symbol of new life, and by being an organ donor, he was able to give other people a second chance.

Orlandoorlandoornament.jpgMy mom gave this to Robby and I because we love going to Disney World; it’s actually where we spent our first day together! Plus, it’s my favorite place 🙂

Clarinetclarinetornament.jpgI played the clarinet all through middle school and high school. I really enjoyed being in band because of the people and the fun that we had! Plus, in high school, I got to go on a trip to Disney World and Virginia Beach.

Penguinpenguinornament.jpgPenguins are my favorite animal and I have a handful of penguin ornaments, including this glittery dude! Christmas just gives me another excuse to buy all the penguins!

Ruby Red Slipperredslipperornament.jpgI’ve had this one for a long time. I guess there really isn’t any special meaning behind it other than I liked it when I bought it. Although, I do love The Wizard of Oz!

Passportpassportornament.jpgThis is another one from my mom. She bought this for Robby and I after we went to Atlantis, which is where we got engaged. This was my first time using a passport, the first time I needed one.

Do you have any Christmas ornaments with a special meaning? I’d love to hear about it!

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