Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re all having a nice weekend so far.

Other than it being Saturday, today is awesome because it’s Penguin Awareness Day! Penguins are my favorite animal in the whole world and have been for years (although I couldn’t tell you how that came to be). Whenever I go to the aquarium, I basically squeal like a small child upon seeing the penguins. I have yet to do a penguin encounter, but it’s a goal!

As I’ve mentioned before, Christmas is my favorite holiday. To top that off, Christmas is also when penguin decorations are seen the most and I absolutely love it. Plus, it seems like every Christmas I get at least one gift that has penguins on it.

(Look how stinkin’ cute!)


To celebrate these adorable creatures, I thought I would share some penguin facts!

  • Indeed, penguins are birds, but they are unable to fly (they’re great swimmers, though!)
  • Penguins reside in the Southern Hemisphere; however, they may live in a tropical climate or in a colder region, depending on the species
  • Penguins are very vocal and communicate through different calls
  • The Emperor Penguin is the largest species
  • More than half of a penguin’s life is spent in the water, which is where they do all their hunting
  • Penguin chicks take up to three days to chip their way out of their shells
  • The main foods found in a penguin’s diet are krill, fish, and squid
  • Distinct markings and coloring help to distinguish between species
  • Penguins’ nesting colonies are called “rookeries”

Who else thinks penguins are just flat out awesome? What’s YOUR favorite animal?

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