San Antonio Coffee Shop: Shotgun House Coffee Roasters

A little tidbit about me: I LOVE coffee shops. I’ve made it a goal to find a coffee shop to visit whenever I travel somewhere new.

We took a trip to San Antonio, TX in August, so I did my research beforehand and found a number of coffee shops around the city. We ended up visiting Shotgun House Coffee Roasters, which was at the top of my list.

coffee shops in San Antonio

Shotgun House Coffee Roasters has two locations in San Antonio. We stopped by their place on Buena Vista Street. It’s a very hip and trendy space inside of an old factory. There’s local artwork hanging on the walls that you can purchase along with plenty of seating. I especially loved the floor-to-ceiling shelves hanging in the center!

coffee shops in San Antonio

coffee shops in San Antonio

Robby and I each ordered a cold brew, the perfect afternoon pick-me-up after being in the hot San Antonio heat. We sat with our friends, Courtney and Matt, and just relaxed while enjoying each other’s company. I’m inspired by coffee shops and could have stayed at Shotgun House for hours!

coffee shops in San Antoniocoffee shops in San Antonio

If you ever visit San Antonio, be sure to stop by! Hopefully we’ll get to visit their other location in the future 🙂

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