Monthly Musings: July Highlights & Favorites

Can you believe how quickly July went?? It’s crazy! I won’t lie, I am getting excited for fall, but before I get too ahead of myself I wanted to take a look back on July!

Highlights from July

The 4th
My sister-in-law’s family owns a lake house and every 4th of July they host a picnic. They have kayaks and a paddle board to take out onto the water, plus this year was the second corn hole tournament (usually it’s horseshoes). It was a blast!


Along with kayaking at the lake house on the 4th, we also went kayaking at a nearby state park! It was a beautiful day outside and being out on the lake was so peaceful. I honestly could have spent all day out there.


Newport, Rhode Island
One of my favorite places and it’s only about an hour and twenty minutes from us! I got to eat at my favorite Newport restaurant, The Red Parrot, and tried a delicious s’mores donut at Liberty Donuts. We were only there for an afternoon, but I’m still glad to have been able to go!


July Favorites

Music discoveries
Songs: Just Thought You Should Know by Betty Who, Mercy Me by Alkaline Trio, June by Tigers Jaw, Until the Night Turns by Lord Huron


TV show: Suits

Summer sunsets
This was taken at the beginning of the month. Sunsets are my favorite especially in the summer because they make the sky look absolutely beautiful!


We have a busy August coming up, but I can’t wait 🙂 What were highlights from your July??

Happy First Day of Summer!

It’s officially summertime! Not to be dramatic, but it felt like winter was going to last for all eternity, so I’m really excited to soak in some vitamin D! My husband and I have already been taking advantage of our apartment complex’s grilling areas, we’ve made a few trips to our favorite ice cream spot, and I bought myself a new bathing suit for pool and beach days.

To celebrate the first day of summer, I’d like to go through my favorite things about this season!

Cookouts and bonfires

For real though, who doesn’t enjoy a good cookout followed by a bonfire and s’mores!? I love hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit salad, pasta salad… all of it! And then having a bonfire while roasting marshmallows and making yummy s’mores makes for the perfect summer day! As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I have been using our complex’s grills for lunch or dinner, which has been awesome. It might not be an actual cookout, but I still love it!

My family’s annual vacation to the Jersey Shore

While not at all relevant to the TV show, my family has been vacationing down to Cape May, NJ for over 20 years. We used to go for a week in August, but that changed to July over the last few years! Cape May is a Victorian beach town with so many beautiful houses that can be rented out, which is what my family does. The beach has awesome waves that are great for body surfing and there are tons of shops! One year I even went parasailing, which I’d love to do again one of these days. I think one of the best things about these trips is not being on a schedule. A few things might be planned during the week, but other than that, you’re truly on vacation and can take your time. It’s perfect!

Pool and beach days

I don’t go to the beach too much, but it’s one of my favorite summer activities! Growing up along the shoreline in Connecticut and then those family trips to NJ are why I love the beach and the ocean. And then, of course, there’s always the option of hanging by the pool! When I was little, I always wanted a pool, and now I’m fortunate to live in a complex with a really nice one. I plan on going down there as much as possible this summer to get myself a nice tan. Plus, I can’t let that new suit go to waste!


I’ve been wanting to go kayaking for weeks now, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened yet! It will though J Last summer we found this lake about 15-20 minutes away where you can rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats. It was so peaceful venturing around the water and I’m excited to go back this year. Since we’re in Massachusetts, I also want to try kayaking on the Charles River. Not only is kayaking fun, but it’s a great workout, too!

My birthday

I’m a summer baby! My birthday is in August and I’ve always loved having a summer birthday. There’s just so many fun things you can do! Last year my husband and I spent a weekend in Newport, RI, one of my favorite places. We moseyed along the Cliff Walk, visited a few of the mansions, and ate at my favorite restaurant, The Red Parrot. In a few years when I turn 30 (crazy!) I’d LOVE to go to Australia! As long as we plan ahead and save, I don’t see why not!

What are your favorite things about summer? Let me know in the comments!

Dreaming of Summer Days

Happy Hump Day! I hope you’re all having a great week so far.

Today is a wonderful day for New Englanders because the temperature is at a whopping 73 degrees… In the middle of February! We’ve had some harsh cold weather this winter, and to be quite honest, I’m so sick of it. I’ve been dreaming of summer for a couple of weeks now, so today’s weather has been a breath of fresh air (literally).

Getting to leave my apartment without a jacket, hat, and gloves on makes me ready for endless sunshine and warmer days! It got me thinking about the things I miss the most about spring/summer when I’m shivering away in negative degree weather:

Being outside: I was able to go for a nice walk today, which was so refreshing! The winter weather makes it difficult, and sometimes painful, to be outside for more than 3 seconds. I always miss being able to take walks in the evening while the sun is going down, or participate in fun outdoor activities like kayaking! I opened a window in the apartment and could hear little kids playing outside, which was so nice to hear!

Sunshine: This could go with being outside, but either way, those short winter days get old very fast. Plus, it gets so gloomy. I miss those sunny days with bright blue skies where everything feels more cheerful. Gotta get that Vitamin D!

Beach days: I don’t go to the beach often in the summer, but I’ve always loved going. Even though it can get pretty crazy with beachgoers, who doesn’t love soaking up some sun while relaxing on their favorite beach? My family takes a vacation down to the Jersey Shore every summer, so I’m really looking forward to that this year!

(This was taken last summer in Newport, RI)

Overall, warm weather makes you feel good and there’s so much more to do. Even things like ice cream stands opening back up, summer cookouts , or just sitting outside with a good book to read are definitely missed during the winter!

For anyone else who longs for summer once the winter months start coming to a close, what do you miss the most about? For others, what are your favorite things about the warm weather in general?